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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baseball and Investing

Growing up with a dad that played a lot of baseball, many of the advice I heard around the dinner table related to the strategy of the diamond.

Particularly, I think about frequent advice to focus on the fundamentals while hitting singles and letting the home runs happen. Great advice for a young man that had (maybe, "has") a talent for sometimes biting of more than he could chew.

But the thing I was thinking about this weekend was the mystery of a streak. You know, "don't mess with a man on a streak" and all of the hocus pocus that makes for so much fun on the outside looking in.

I think deals may be somewhat like baseball streaks (and maybe home runs too). I never really know what trigger gets a deal on a hot streak, but I sure don't want to touch them too much when they are on one.

I wonder if it would help to suggest wearing lucky socks too.

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