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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things I'm working on...

There is a ton going on in the Birmingham startup ecosystem, some that is public knowledge and some that isn't.

Here's a small sampling of some at least semi public stuff that I've been working on and think is worth supporting...if anything seems like a fit, give me a buzz, we can always use good help.

1. Expanding our BAN Mentorship Program
2. Creating a Culinary Startup Incubator
3. Proposing and Passing a Startup Capital Tax Credit
4. Getting regularly scheduled PR for the Startup scene
5. Supporting and expanding Birmingham Startup Drinks
6. Creating a Deal Flow Clearinghouse for non-startup related alternative investments
7. Brainstorming on ways to fill the "concept validation" gap

That's probably a good start.

If any of that strikes your fancy...come on down.

***This post probably also shows that we could use an initiative that keeps track of the various ways to get involved, but that will have to wait till another day.

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