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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Entrepreneurship and Taxes (link)

Scott does a good job of not just stating his opinion, but also attempting to make sure that his opinion has a basis in verifiable fact and he has some great points about our current Congressional decisions on the Bush era tax cuts.

Entrepreneurship and Taxes by Scott Shane
"The United States has an enormous budget deficit, which may require tax increases to close the gap. But we need to carefully consider the law of unintended consequences when raising taxes. Much evidence shows that higher taxes discourage entrepreneurial activity, including investment and hiring by small business owners. If we let the Bush tax cuts expire, we risk shutting off already weak small business hiring and investment. Is that possibility really worth the relatively small reduction to the deficit that we might derive from a tax increase?"

As an aside, Scott also has a good book out on angel investing too...think Freakonomics for angel investors. Of course, my favorite quote being:
"Particularly promising are angel groups, which pool knowledge and money for wiser and more productive investments. In groups, angels can rely on each other's expertise, share the labor of performing due diligence, and generally insure that their money is being placed--and used--wisely. Fostering the formation of such groups may be the single most important thing that government can do to boost angel investing."

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