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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cuestion tequila dominates in local taste test...

What a nice way to start the long weekend.  Jason Fandrich, CEO of Cuestion Spirits Company, Inc., came down from Nashville to meet with some local investors and to participate in a taste test at a local bar/eatery.

There was plenty of good company and fun was had by all, but at least as important for the BAN portfolio company, Cuestion ( topped the charts out of all the tested tequilas which included both big names and special reserves.  Only one special reserve was considered close and it's tasting led to a long discussion about the various hints of flavor imparted by the differing barrel types and everyone's personal preferences.

At least one participant noted that they really didn't think that tequila could be a sipping drink, but that they had changed their mind after experiencing how a really good tequila tasted.

Probably the only down side to the afternoon/evening was when Jason had to tell the participants that it would be several months before Cuestion would be available for sale in Alabama.

Of course, he did encourage them to come visit Nashville and check it out in the meantime. 

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