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Friday, April 30, 2010

Death of Trust...Sex, Money and Abuse of Power (Part Two)

Last week we discussed some of the negative effects of a loss of trust, but the big question remains...what do we do?

There are a number of options:
1. Structural reforms - policies, procedures, etc.
Certainly, these are useful tools to prosecute the bad actors, but shouldn't we (and our leaders) hope to strive for a higher standard than simply the minimum required to avoid rebuke?

2. Oversight (internal and external)
*Peter Eigen believes that the best way to root out corruption is to make it known. = Peter Eigen "How to expose the corrupt"
Again, internal and external oversight are great tools to root out the bad actors and even may carry significant incentive/disincentive value.

However, I'm not sure we can create enough external controls or even enough 3rd party incentives to materially change average behavior.

I have heard it said that "we get the government we deserve." I think there is a lot to be said for that because politicians and leaders are a part of the community that elects them, so they should represent many of the traits found in the electorate. Therefore, if we want our leaders to have integrity then integrity has to become something valuable to the electorate and each person has to work toward increasing their own standards of behavior. And this leads to #3.

3. Personal Integrity -
Integrity starts from within. If we are to have integrity in every day life, we must first master it within our minds. Each and every day, we wake up and begin the day long process of running thoughts, conversations and questions in our minds. In total, it's been estimated that we have 65,000 thoughts every day. Have you ever given thought to your thoughts? What do you think about in a given day and are most of your thoughts of a positive nature? Are they meaningful and productive? How much of your thoughts are negative? What thoughts do you act on?

Negative thoughts are often expressed as complaints. People who complain also tend to make their grumblings known to other people who have no part in a positive and productive solution. People complain about their parents to their siblings, about their bosses to their co-workers, about their husbands, wives or significant others to their friends. They even complain about strangers to other strangers. Complaints are common, often in the absence of a solution to the issue or problem that sparked the complaint. But, if negative thoughts and complaints continue with no mediation or solution, they can manifest into self-destructive or aggressive behavior. Addiction, divorce, aggression, job loss, depression, misery; these are consequences of not having the maturity, responsibility and integrity to manage negative thoughts and difficult situations properly and act on a productive solution. I've read that if you aren't living with integrity, then your priorities, goals and values become sacrificed and you begin to attract people that make you feel bad

Interestingly, people with integrity don't complain much. People with integrity have the maturity to address their issues with the right people. They take responsibility to seek and take action toward solutions to their problems. They do what they say they will do. They have the willingness to create a plan (work and/or personal) and follow it through.

People with integrity are successful because they take control over their negative thoughts and replace them with productive, positive thoughts that manifest into great and powerful actions. If you identify yourself as a complainer, but want to change, you can. It is possible to restore your integrity

Maybe the version is the way to do it, maybe another. Either way it is essential that we try.

I know it may sound hokey, but skepticism that runs rampant because of a loss of personal honor can rob societies of their very future. Therefore, it is in each citizen's best interest (and should be our responsibility) to make sure that we are doing what is right and true, so that standard of action may become expected of everyone again.

Thanks for your time and I hope this hasn't been too preachy, but I also hope it resonates, at least a little.

Best of luck on your journey, be good.

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