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Friday, October 30, 2009

BAN Letter:

I want to take a minute to thank our BAN sponsors, to everyone who helped out and to those who attended last night's meeting. It was definitely the best yet.

We had well over 20 in attendance with both Facilitaire and Tattoo Armor presenting and we had an active Q&A period for both. The webcast even seemed to work with only minor hiccups, thanks to a lot of help from Katie. For members that were not able to attend I will be sending out a link to the webcast recording along with rating sheets in a short bit.

I have briefly reviewed the rating sheets from last nights attendees and it clearly shows we had an engaged group with some insightful review that I think will be instructive to both members and companies alike. *(I will be compiling those and sending out a summary once the non-attending members get a chance to review.)

On a membership note, we picked up some excellent new members as well and look forward to their participation. For visitors that didn't get a chance to grab an application, I have one attached as well.

Thanks again to all who helped out and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

This email sent to the attendees and members following the BAN presentation meeting last truly was a very good meeting and I am really proud of our group.

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