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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birmingham Angel Network Selects 5 for Presentation Pool

Last week the Birmingham Angel Network had our 3rd Quarter screening meeting along with this months Birmingham Entrepreneur meeting.

It was a big crowd at innovation depot that came to hear Roddy McKinney speak about how he grew Satellites Unlimited into a major player in the TV market and no one was dissappointed. Mr. McKinney has a great charm and wit that was on full display, along with a deep knowledge of sales and how to grow a business.

Following the speech, we had a great group (including several new members) stay to evaluate the business plans. After over an hour of review, we finally voted to accept a slate of five companies into the presentation pool including:

1. The Manning Group, LLC
2. Facilitaire, Inc.
3. Strawfire, LLC
4. AlwaysHD, Inc., and
5. Innovative Products, LLC DBA Tattoo Armor, LLC.

Those companies will be assigned mentors and we look forward to following their growth and hearing more about them at future meetings.

There were a couple of other companies that we decided to call and work with a bit in hopes that they can resubmit or maybe participate in an open offer in the future.

Finally, we had some updates on previous presenters and look forward to following their progress in the future, which we hope to formalize with a "Company update" section of our BAN newsletter.

As always, if you would like to become a member, please feel free to fill out an application and forward it on to any of our board members.

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