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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Leverage your Private Equity

I periodically have companies seeking private equity or venture capital funding that need LOTS of funding. Such companies are quite often in the industrial services or products realm, but can come in almost any industry.

Companies that have viable business models, but capital requirements that exceed what typical PE or VC funding will provide have additional and sometimes prohibitive hurdles to overcome in order to make their visions a reality.

If a company is to make the leap from great idea to business reality, then the management team is going to have to strategize a way to leverage the PE or VC funding in order to reach even greater sources of capital. Those other sources of capital could be a public-private partnership, public debt or even a private-private partnership, but in any case there will need to be substantial thought given to the source of that second round of financing because the quality of the plan for realizing the second round will likely play a large role in whether or not the company gets the first round of financing.

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